Over the years we've been asked many questions. If you have a specific question that is not covered in the FAQs below, please email us! 

1. Where else can I buy RinseCup?

You can buy it from your local tattoo supplier. If they do not carry it, email us. You can also check out our Distributors page on the website.  

2. Will it work on my inks too? 

Yes! Sprinkle a little of that shit on your ink caps too. 

3. Can I drink it?

Why would you want to? No. It's designed to solidify liquid and your body is made up of about 70% water. 

4. Can I throw it away in my trash can? 

Yes. It's non-toxic and biodegradable.  

5. Will it solidify oil? 

No. This was designed specifically for us to solidify our water-based liquid waste. 

6. What's the least amount of RinseCup I can use?

2 grams of RinseCup per 5 oz of water is the minimum. If time is of the essence, use more. 

7. I squeezed the bottle hard and it created a cloud and I inhaled some of it. What should I do? 

Refer to the SDS report for all safety protocols. It can be found under the SDS Report tab on our website. 

8. Can I snort it? 

Hm, refer to question 3. 

9. This stuff is like magic What is it made of? 

Ground down unicorn bone 

10. What else does it solidify?

It's designed to solidify water-based products. 

11. Can I put it in the toilet?

We would suggest not doing that. Funny as it is, there's a chance of clogging your plumbing. 

12. Is the owner really a tattooer?

Yes, he's been tattooing for over 20 years.